Petty Officer George Goddard, R.N. Collection
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HMS Illustrious and HMS Warspite seen astern of HMS Formidable in the Indian Ocean near Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

Unidentified location in Algeria.

Unidentified location in Alexandria, Egypt.

Bighi Royal Navy Hospital, Malta.

Unidentified location.
(All photos from the collection of Petty Officer George Goddard, R.N.)
Courtesy of Mark Faux
Scans by Philip J. Heydon, I.S.M.

MaritimeQuest is indebted to George Goddard for providing access to this his collection. A big thank you is also due to Mark Faux, his grandson for his efforts in providing the photos for scanning. We also wish to thank Philip J. Heydon for his effort in scanning and cataloging the collection.

Page 5
Page published June 19, 2011