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Sept. 9, 2011

I have spent a very pleasant hour with my dad George Goddard (his given name is Claude Neville Goddard) viewing the photographs of the Formidable on the website he was able to recall events and stories involving the characters in the pictures. Dad is 90 next February and I am pleased to say that he has retained his great sense of humor and still has a zest for life. Dad is a very proud father of five, grandfather, great grandfather, with family in many parts of the world who are fiercely proud of George. He loves nothing more than family gatherings and regularly enjoys a pint, George lives in Sale Cheshire,... after viewing the Formidable website, George commented he "wouldn't swap those days for today" "floating round in a bl***y big tin box", he is a happy and contented man with pleasant happy memories.

John Goddard

June 20, 2011

A wonderful, wonderful collection. Thanks to those who put the time and effort in to make this possible.
From a very proud grand-daughter of George Goddard.

Maria Fletcher

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